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      Do you know the Use of Bolts?

      Mar. 09, 2020

      Rail Spike Manufacturer knows the use of bolts, knowing that there will be many misunderstandings in the use of bolts, so that everyone's views on the use of bolts cannot be obtained in the correct way. In many cases, we need to think carefully before using bolts, which will help the performance of bolts and mechanical equipment.

      Steel Bolt

      Steel Bolt

      1.Substituting coarse to fine:

      Some important couplings, such as transmission shafts, fly shafts, etc., are mostly bolts with fine pitches and fine pitches. The pitch and outer angle of the bolts are small, and they have the advantages of high strength and good self-locking performance. After the coarse tooth bolt is replaced, it is easy to be loosened, detached, and disassembled, causing an accident.

      2.The pores do not match:

      Bolts that can withstand lateral loads and shearing forces (such as drive shaft bolts and flywheel bolts) .The fit between them and the bolt holes is a transition fit.

      If you do not pay attention to the inspection during assembly, the bolt is still installed when there is a large gap between the bolt holes. As a result, the bolt may be loose or cut.

      3.Thickened nut:

      Wrong view: thickening the nut can increase the number of working turns of the thread, thereby improving the reliability of the connection.In fact, the thicker the nut, the more uneven the load distribution between the threads of each turn, the more likely it is to cause

      The connection is loose.

      4.One mother and multiple pads:

      Sometimes the bolts are too long after assembly, so some people install a lot of spring washers on one bolt. During the tightening process, the spring washers are unevenly stressed, and some of them will break, causing the pretension of the bolts to decrease or produce. Eccentric load reduces the reliability of bolt connection.

      5.Improper locking:

      Important bolts should be fitted with anti-loosening devices after assembly. When using cotter pin locks, common mistakes are using too thin opening locks or half-opening locks. When using spring washers to lock, common mistakes are too small gaps between washers When using a lock plate to lose elasticity, a common mistake is to lock the lock plate at the corners of the nut. When using a double nut to lock, the common mistake is to install a thin nut on the outside and not tighten it tightly.

      6.False and solid:

      The bolts, nuts, or holes have rust, scale, iron filings, sand, burrs, etc. removed before assembly. When tightening the bolts, the surface torque value meets the requirements due to the blocking effect of impurities, but in reality The connection is not really pressed.

      Bolts and nuts are loose.

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