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      China's pride, China Rail Transit!

      Aug. 26, 2019

      China's rail transit industry can be said to be developing at a rapid pace. It is not only the continuous optimization and improvement of domestic rail transit construction, but China's rail transit strength has been recognized and praised internationally. Today, China's rail transit equipment companies have become one of the world's leading phalanx, with world-leading R & D and manufacturing capabilities, comparable to any international giant.

      Many countries have cooperated with China to build rail transit projects in their own countries. The Boston Metro and even the US subway are the world's largest international giants, but in 2014, in the history of the American subway, the mark of Chinese manufacturing was engraved - the subway car of China North Car successfully entered the United States.

      Railway Fastener

      Railway Fastener

      China's full-automatic intellectual property rights rail transit automatic operation system (referred to as "FAO", commonly known as unmanned driving) will be born soon; more than 90% of China's rail vehicle bogie structure online operational reliability assessment by the school's research team Completed; CRTSIII type slab ballastless track with completely independent intellectual property rights has become the main standard type adopted by domestic high-speed rail and “going out”; it has the first team in China to carry out research on new energy rail transit – National Energy Active Distribution Network The Technology R&D Center has undertaken and participated in 90% of the research projects on rail transit new energy power systems in China. Beijing Jiaotong University, a university that has been closely connected with China's transportation industry since its birth, witnessed and participated in the six major speed-ups of the railway and the Daqin heavy-duty railway, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the high-speed railway, and the city in the course of its development in 121 years. A series of major projects such as rail transit have formed a series of major achievements with completely independent intellectual property rights and at the international advanced level, supporting the great development of China's rail transit industry.

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